Upgrade, Clean, and Repair: No Need to Pull Out Your Hair! Let Pioneer Valley Arms Help With Your Gunsmithing Needs!


Handgun Sight Install

Finding it hard to pick up those sights at the range? It might be time for an upgrade! We carry sights for many popular handguns, with  free  installation for most handgun sights purchased from us! Already have your own sights? No problem! Standard installation is  $40  for most dovetail handgun sights.


Apex® Tactical Kits

Apex Tactical Specialties manufactures some of the finest drop-in aftermarket parts on the market! If you have a S&W M&P handgun with a Massachusetts 10.5# trigger, the Apex Duty Carry Action Enhancement Kit ("DCAEK") will work wonders in improving your trigger! Purchase a DCAEK from Pioneer Valley Arms and receive  free  installation! Already have your own kit? No problem! Standard installation is  $50  for most standard DCAEK.


Gun Cleaning

Shooting your guns? Lots of fun! Cleaning them? ... Not so much. So, why not let somebody else deal with that headache?

We offer standard cleaning services for  $45  per gun (heavily soiled or rusted will incur an additional  $30  per gun fee).


Firearm Repairs

If it's broke... fix it! Keeping your tools in top function is important, so if your firearm has a broken or worn part, replacing it should be a priority!

With an in-house shop rate of only $80 per hour, many simple repairs can be performed for only a small fee plus cost of parts!


Custom Gunsmithing Work

S&W revolver trigger work, AR-15 assembly, and much more: Pioneer Valley Arms offers a variety of gunsmithing services to bring your firearm to the next level!

We offer in-house services by our staff armorer. Stop by and see what we can do for you!

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PVA Gunsmith Rates Effective 03-25-2024
This page was last updated on 03-25-2024.