Gun Storage

If you need your gun(s) stored for a period of time, we would be happy to help. Our standard fee is $10 per gun intake fee, and $15 per gun per month storage fee.

Police Department Pickups

Do you have guns and/or ammunition being held for safekeeping at your local police department? We can help.

We will travel to the police department that is currently holding your property and have it transferred into our care. From there, we can store your property until it can be lawfully returned to you, or we can transfer it to another lawfully permitted individual or FFL dealer. Our standard fee structure is as follows:

  • $50 pickup fee for first hour including travel time ($45 for each additional hour)
  • $10 per gun intake fee
  • $20 certified mailing fee
  • $15 per gun per month storage fee
  • $40 per gun fee upon transferring to a lawfully permitted individual or FFL dealer
  • Shipping & handling fees, where applicable
  • Additional fees may apply for the storage of large quantities of ammunition, accessories, etc.