Pioneer Valley Arms is an Official Partner of the USCCA!

Training, Education, and So Much More: The USCCA is a great resource for the responsibly armed American to expand their skills and have peace of mind in the event you need to protect yourself or your loved ones.
Pioneer Valley Arms is proud to host the following events and seminars alongside the USCCA.

USCCA Mini-Classes : Concealed Carry
& Home Defense Fundamentals

Learn what it means to be a responsible gun owner inside and outside of your home. In these 1-2 hour classes, you’ll discover effective and lawful self-defense involves much more than just owning a firearm.

These evening classes are perfect for:

  • Those interested in learning more about the path towards lawful firearm ownership.
  • Dispelling common myths about firearms.
  • New firearm owners interested in the basics of ownership and safety.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their own personal safety.

PLUS: LIVE Q&A with USCCA-Certified Instructors.

Check Out the CCHDF Mini-Classes We Offer Here at Pioneer Valley Arms!


USCCA Mini-Classes Currently Being Offered


This FREE course is a basic introduction to firearms and firearm safety. Students will learn basic information about firearms to alleviate their concerns, and well as to gain the confidence to begin their journey in responsible gun ownership.


There is a lot more to effective self defense than just the gun. Join us at this FREE course for an introduction on some of the other essential gear you should consider; plus, all attendees will receive a coupon for discounts on in-stock accessories to outfit their personal defense tool!

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USCCA Partner Events

FREE Live Self-Defense Workshops For Everyone

Event topics like When You Can Use Force, Develop a Personal & Home Protection Plan and more!

For Parents, Teachers, Concerned citizens, Business Professionals, Church Goers and Anyone Who Wants to Keep Themselves and Others Safe.

These FREE workshops give you the next steps to take in your education to ensure you are Mentally, Physically, and Legally Prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones.

PLUS: LIVE Q&A with USCCA-Certified Instructors.

Upcoming Partner Events at Pioneer Valley Arms:

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Legal Seminar

After a self-defense incident, lawyers could take months — or even longer — to scrutinize decisions you had to make in seconds!

In just two hours, these attorney-led seminars will reveal lifesaving info to help you navigate the legal TRAPS that threaten you as a responsible gun owner.

Join us at Pioneer Valley Arms with Attorney Daniel Hagan as he discusses important topics such as:

  • How to survive the legal system as a responsible gun owner.
  • Reveal the greatest THREATS you’ll face before, during and after a self-defense incident.
  • Get real answers from attorneys and self-defense experts in a LIVE Q&A.
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You must sign up prior to the class date to attend! Limited seating, sign up now!

Find Out How the USCCA Can Help You To Become Mentally, Physically, & Legally Prepared With These Free Guides!

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